Vintage The Vitro Agate Company Number 00 Game Marbles (c. pre- 1998) 20 Each Red, Green and White Marbles, Collectible,Repurpose, Gift

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We know that the Vitro Agate Company started in 1932 and moved the business to Parkersburg, West Virginia in 1945. It is however difficult to find out when exactly these marbles were produced, though it was probably sometime between the 1940's -1960's.

There are 60 game marbles in this set, 20 red, 20 green and 20 white ones. These are solid colored marbles, though some slight swirling can be seen when looking at them under a light. The box is stamped 60 Game Marbles - No. 00.


The box is the original box, though it is not in the best of shape. There is masking tape and writing in red marker on the cover. Also one corner of the box is torn as is one corner of the bottom.

The marbles appear to be in excellent condition, no chips or cracks that we could find.