Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between something that is vintage or an antique?

Vintage generally means that something is more than 20 years old. Antique by definition is an item that is over 100 years old.

How do I know that what you are offering is actually vintage?

We do a LOT of research when offering an item for sale to make sure that it is actually vintage or maybe just collectible. Because we offer a wide variety of items, we make sure to give you a date or an approximate time period in which a piece was created. If we aren't sure when exactly an item was created, we'll let you know that also.

Can you tell me the value of my vintage item?

We are sorry, but we aren't appraisers. Nor do we give out the sold price of an item. The value of an item can vary from month to month, even week to week! And condition has a lot to do with the value of an item.

How can I be sure of the condition of an item for sale in your shop?

We make every effort to completely describe every item in our shop, including 'flaws'. We also do our best to take awesome photographs of each and every item to give you the confidence to purchase any item you fall in love with.

Do you offer promotions or sales?

Yes we do! Please sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive offers. And we will do our best not to spam you, because we don't like it when we get too many emails either! 

The item I was interested in is sold out, will there be another one?

With vintage items especially, they are often times one of a kind, so it's best when you see something you like buy it!