Vintage Royal Doulton Bone China Captain Cuttle Figurine (c. 1939) Dickens Miniature Collection Figurine, Older Back Stamp, English China

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This is the Captain Cuttle bone china figurine from the Royal Doulton Dickens Miniatures Collection. The Captain Cuttle figurine was introduced in 1939 and from our research, we believe that this figurine was made in 1939 due to the Doulton England back stamp, though there is very limited information available regarding the back stamp. We do know that this particular figurine was produced from 1939-1982.

Captain Cuttle is from the Charles Dickens' book Dombey and Sons.


The figurine measures approximately 4 inches tall. The base is just under 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. On the underside of the base is the back stamp Doulton England and Captain Cuttle. There is also some numbers or letter embossed, but are unreadable.


There are no chips, cracks or crazing present. The figurine is in excellent vintage condition and a great addition to your Royal Doulton Dickens miniature collection.