Vintage Plaster Religious Icon Madonna, Child And Flower Figurine

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While we aren't sure of the age of this piece, we do know that it's vintage, possible from the 1950's or earlier. This figurine depicts the Madonna and a child/toddler, possibly Jesus? Mary or the Madonna is holding a flower with the child. The child is also standing on a book that sits in Mary's lap. It appears that this figurine is made out of plaster as there is some weight to it.

The child is in a knee length outfit that appears to be a faded color of pink or red.

Mary has a flat type hat on and a full length cape that is a deep tan with a green lining. Her dress is a lighter tan color. She has one black shoe slightly showing from under her dress.


This piece stands about 8 1/2 inches tall and the base is about 5 3/4 inches by 4 inches. And from what we can find, this piece is possibly a reproduction from a piece that the Hummel made in the 1950's.


There is crazing throughout the piece, more so on the bottom half of her dress area. There are also a couple of small chips on the back of her hat and the bottom portion of her cape. The base is covered in green felt that is showing signs of wear and age, consistent with the age of the piece. Overall condition is pretty good.