Vintage Paper Advertising Tri-Fold Fan (c. 1928-1930's) U.O. Colson Company, Paris, Illinois

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This is a wonderful advertising fan that was made by the U.O. Colson company located in Paris, Illinois. U.O. Colson began in 1892 as a printing company and later became known for producing advertising items such as calendars and paper fans. This beautiful paper fan depicts an idyllic country cottage scene and was given to customers by the Universal Roofing Company that was located at 1222 So. Michigan St, which could have been a Chicago, Illinois address.

This is a tri-fold paper fan that has two metal rivets holding the sections in place and allowing them to be expanded. On the front of the fan, on the right hand side there is a patent number 1655229, which gives us a date of 1928. The patent was filed by Frank H. Klie from Chicago, IL on May 5, 1927 and the patent was granted on January 3, 1928. Given that information we believe that this fan is from the late 1920's - 1930's.

This would make a great addition to your fan collection or frame it and make it an interesting conversation piece.


When unfolded the fan measures approximately 10 1/4 inch by 7 inches.


There is some wear along the edges, most noticeable on the center section. There are a couple of small spots on the back of the fan.

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