Vintage Lady's Pink Flamingo Feather Hat, Mullinax Inc. South Carolina, (c. pre-1998)

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What an interesting find this was! We are offering this vintage womens Pink Flamingo Feather Hat. We aren't sure when it was made, but using bird feather's for women's hats was all the rage back in the late 19th and early 20th century.

There is a tag inside that states: Styled for Mullinax, Inc. Gaffney, S.C.


The inside measures approximately 7 inches in diameter and measuring the diameter of the brim - that is around 11 inches.


We were told that this was made of Flamingo feathers, however we have no way of knowing for sure, though the feathers do appear to be real. The feathers have faded with age and are no longer a bright pink color. The feathers also appear to be fragile, so this will be packed carefully when we ship it to you.

We are also including the round hat box that this came in, though as you can see by the photos, the hat box is in poor condition and has been taped back together and the lid is falling apart. But because the hat fits inside and will also help protect it during shipping, we didn't toss it aside.