Vintage Hardcover Book, Costume by James Laver (c. 1964) First Edition, Hawthorn Books, Inc. Publishers, Vintage Book, History of Clothing

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This is the vintage hardcover book with dust jacket, Costume by James Laver, published by Hawthorn Book, Inc. in March 1964. This is a First American Edition book.

This is a great book regarding the history of how people dressed from primitive times to the early 20th century. Most of the illustrations are in black and white, however there are a couple of color ones.


1 - Primitive Times and Early Civilizations
2 - The Greeks and Romans
3 - The Dark Ages
4 - The Middle Ages
5 - Tudor Costume
6 - The Seventeenth Century
7 - The Eighteenth Century
8 - The Nineteenth Century 1800-1850
9 - The Nineteenth Century 1850-1900
10 - The Twentieth Century


The dust jacket has wear around the edges and some yellowing. There are also some small tears on the edges. The pages are clean and intact and the binding is tight.