Vintage German Bible Readings For The Family Bible = Lesungen Für den Familien=Kreis (c. 1920) Vintage Religious German Illustrations

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This is vintage (almost antique) German Bible study book, titled, Bibel=Lesungen Für den Familien=Kreis, translated means Bible Readings for the family circle. There are two dates inside, one of 1916 and a copyright date of 1920. It appears that this was published by Pacific Press Publishing Association from Mountain View, California, a company known for publishing religious books.

Inhaltsverzeichnis - Table of Contents
Efter Teil - First Part
Zweiter Teil - Second Part
Dritter Teil - Third Part
Dierter Teil - Fourth Part
Fünfter Teil - Fifth Part
Sechfter Teil - Sixth Part
Siebenter Teil - Seventh Part
Achter Teil - Eight Part
Neunter Teil - Ninth Part
Zehnter Teil - Tenth Part
Elfter Teil - Eleventh Part
Zwölfter Teil - Twelfth Part
Dreizehnter Teil - Thirteenth Part
Vierzehnter Teil - Fourteenth Part
Fünfzehnter Teil - Fifteenth Part
Sechzehnter Teil - Sixteenth Part
Siebzehnter Teil - Seventeenth Part
Achtzehnter Teil - Eighteenth Part
Vollfeitige (Vollwertige?) Illuftrationen - Full-Fledged? Illustrations

There are 822 pages in this German Bible study book. There are 79 almost full page religious illustrations, which does not include the smaller ones that are throughout the book also. All the illustrations are in black and white, there are no color illustrations.

Measurements: The book measures approximately 9 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches thick.

Condition: The book covers could use a cleaning, there are a few smudges on both covers. The pages are yellowed from age, though not brittle and still very readable. The binding is still good and all the pages are intact.

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