Vintage All About Horses Hardcover Book by Marguerite Henry (c. 1967) Walter Osborne, Photographer, Horse Lover Gift, Vintage Horse Book

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Marguerite Henry is known for her endearing story about horses. In this book titled All About Horses, it is a deluxe version of a favorite book of horses, lavishly illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs (from the front cover). The photographs are credited to Walter D. Osborne. The book was originally copyrighted in 1962 and then again in 1967. This is a hardcover book that was issued without a dust jacket.

Please note that the horse figurines shown in the photo are not included in the price and are listed separately in our shop.

This would make a great gift for the young horse lover in your life!

In the Beginning
The Wild Relatives of the Horse
Man and Horse Together
Riding Into Battle
The Horsemen From Hell
The Horse Crosses the Atlantic
The Horse Indians
Horse Trading and Raiding
The Hot Bloods
The Cold Bloods
The Warm Bloods
Points of the Horse
Colors, Patches, and Spots
Horseman's Talk

Condition: There is one noticeable flaw and that is the top of the binding is worn, which can be seen in one of the photos. Otherwise there is minimal wear around the edges. The pages are clean with very minimal yellowing from age and intact. The binding is also tight.

A great horse book with lots of great photographs and artwork.