Vintage 40 Fluid Ounce Coca-Cola Glass Bottle, Coke Collectible, Wording in English & French

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Calling all Coca-Cola collectors. This is a 40 ounce clear glass bottle. The wording is in English and French. On one side of the bottle it has Coca-Cola in script writing and the words Trade Mark Reg. (In English & French). On the other side it simply states Coke with Trade Mark Reg. under that. On the neck of the bottle it states 'Return For Bottle Refund'.

The bottle still has it's metal screw cap. On the bottom is embossed Coca-Cola Ltd. There is also the letter L, what looks like a fat 'C' laying on it's back and 2 number 6's.


Length: Almost 13 1/2 inches tall

Bottom: approximately 3 1/2 in diameter


This bottle is in very good vintage condition. The bottle is clean with minimal wear on the lettering.