Antique Postcard "Canadian Shore, Buffalo (NY) In The Distance" (c. early 1900's)

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This antique postcard is titled Canadian Shore, Buffalo in the distance.

The Poly-Chrome postcard depicts what appears to be three young buys sitting on the Canadian shoreline. In the water there is a heard of cattle. In the distance the city of Buffalo, New York can be seen.

On the back is printed A 6313, Published by The Buffalo News Company, Buffalo, NY. The card was printed in Leipzig, Dresden, Germany. Postage for the United States and Island Possession, Cuba, Canada and Mexico was One Cent. For all other Countries, Two Cents.

This is an antique postcard that dates pre-1907 based on the fact prior to 1907 only the address was allowed on the back of postcards. Also the back of the postcard isn't divided which is another way to figure out when this postcard was created.


This postcard measures approximately 5 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.


There is wear around the edges and on the corners. The back of the postcard is yellowed from age. The postcard is in unused condition.