Antique Fire Station Photo Postcard, Port Huron, Michigan (circa 1910)

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This antique photograph postcard was sent in 1910 from Fred to Miss Flossie Smith. The postmark is from Port Huron Michigan. Miss Smith lived in Smith Creek, Michigan, which by today's transportation means is not that far away from Port Huron.

The photo appears to be a fire station, Number 4 to be exact. Maybe this was one of the fire stations in Port Huron? Seen in the double door entry to the building is a team of horses hooked to some kind of wagon. There is a male driver sitting on the wagon, holding the reins. There is another man standing off to the side in front of one of the doors.

On the back there is a hand written date of Feb 1, 10. The postmark is from 1910. The writing is in pencil. There is a green and white Ben Franklin one cent stamp.


The postcard measures just under 5 1/2 inches by just under 3 1/2 inches.


The postcard has wear around the edges and the corners. There is a crease on the bottom left hand corner.

The back of the postcard is discolored from age. The stamp is postmarked and has some discoloration around the edges.