50 Stamps From 50 Countries Stamp Album (c.1974) & The World of Sports Stamp Album (c.1974) Stamp Collecting, Scrapbooking, Craft Ideas

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We are offering two different partial stamp collections for one price. The first one is 50 stamps from 50 Countries Stamp Album c. 1974. This was produced by the United States Postal Service and meant as a way to get kids interested in stamp collecting. 

This would be perfect for your scrapbook art or a special collage you are making. You could photocopy the stamps and then use the copies for your art projects. These are some great vintage colorful stamps!


The booklet is in good condition, with some gentle wear from use. This booklet has all of the stamps inside, however they appear to have been glued in place. Most of them have been postmarked and are mostly in good condition.

The second booklet is The World of Sports Stamp Album, c. 1974 also produced by the USPS. The second booklet is in good condition with some creases on the front and back covers. This one is only partially filled and the stamps have either been glued in or taped in. The stamps appear to be in good vintage condition, most of them have some kind of postmark on them.

Both come in the 50 Stamps from 50 Countries envelope which isn't in great condition. There are tears, creases and some discoloration from age. The graphics are still pretty good on both sides.