Vintage Hoenig Of California 734 Apple Shaped Serving Set (c.1960's) Complete Lazy Susan Set, Mid Century California Pottery

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Apple lovers will love this beautiful turquoise color lazy susan set made by Hoenig of California pottery.

What a beautiful set this is! American made, probably in the 1960's by Hoenig of California, this set features 6 serving pieces plus a covered dish that fits in the middle. The color of this set is amazing, a beautiful light turquoise blue and a bright white.

Each of the 6 serving pieces is shaped like an apple. The centerpiece is also shaped like an apple and has a lid with embossed leaves on it and the handle is a glossy bright white as is the base.

How are you going to use this set? Perfect for serving at a summer get together or maybe at a brunch. Or you could utilize it in your craft room or office space and add a punch of color to your room.


There are two small chips that we show in the last photo - 2 serving pieces each with one chip.

It appears that each serving piece is marked, however most of them are barely readable due to the paint and glaze that was used in the process of making these. What the embossed mark states is: HOENIG of Calif, 734, U S A. Other than the pieces with the small chips, these serving pieces are in very good condition with no chips, cracks or crazing that we could find.

It appears the the middle covered dish is also marked on the bottom but it also is difficult to see, the lid is not marked. This piece is also in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or crazing that we can find.

What you will receive


-6 outer apple shaped pottery pieces
-1 center apple shaped piece that has a lid