Vintage Scio Pottery, Avon Pattern Green Floral and Leaves on a Ivory Colored Creamer, Small Gravy Pourer, Desk Organizer

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This beautiful creamer was made by the Scio Pottery Company in Scio, Ohio. The pattern name is Avon.

The company existed from 1932-1985, according to the 1980 Complete Book of American Kitchen and Dinner Wares book by Lois Lehner, Scio Pottery never put their name on their wares. They apparently also didn't start creating decorated dinnerware pieces until 1950, which means that this creamer was made sometime from 1950-1985.

The Avon pattern appears to have been applied/transferred as opposed to be hand painted. The decor is just over 1 1/2 inches wide. It depicts a tulip shape type flower with leaves and stems that go all the way through the decor.

The creamer is a delicate ivory color and the creamer itself feels very sturdy in our hand.


The base is just under 2 1/2 inches wide. From the spout to the back of the handle is approximately 6 inches. The creamer stands about 2 1/2 inches tall, but it is taller where the spout is.


 There are no cracks, chips or crazing that we can find. There is some minor wear & scuffing on the bottom consistent with the age of a piece such as this. The artwork on the piece is in great condition.

What we like about this piece!

You don't have to use this as a creamer. Maybe you are having a nice quiet dinner for 2 and need a charming smaller size container for the gravy or sauce you prepared from scratch. Or maybe you are an artist and mix paints or maybe you need a cute piece to hold your paper clips on your office desk. Where ever your creative ideas lead you, this charming creamer may just fit the bill.