Vintage Producer Creamery Stapler (c. 1950's) Benton Harbor, Michigan, Vintage Stapler, Vintage Advertising, Promotional, Wilson Jones Co.

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Producers Creamery was a business in Benton Harbor, Michigan from 1926-1958 from the information that we were able to find. We are offering a vintage Producers Creamery staples which was probably a promotional item that was given away during the 1950's. The stapler was made by Wilson Jones Company and was made in the USA.

There is a small plaque on the top of the stapler that states Producers Creamery and has an emblem with the initials PC on it. On the side of the stapler, on the silver metal part the words Tatum Buddy are embossed. On the bottom of the stapler it states: Wilson Jones Co., Model T155, Use Tatum Staples T501, Made in U.S.A., Pat.164376:161851.

We did some research and it appears that the patent is from 1951 and is in the name of Herbert W. Marano who worked for Wilson Jones Company.


It is about 5 3/4 inches long, 1 3/4 inches wide at the widest part of the base, and about 2 inches tall.


The metal stapler is in overall good vintage working condition. There are a few staples left inside. There is one spot on the base where the paint has come off, see the last photo to see it. The rubber feet on the bottom are still attached and in good vintage condition.

We aren't sure if this will work with more modern staples. This would make a great addition to someone's Vintage advertising collection.