Vintage Onondaga Pottery Company, Syracuse China, Somerset Pattern 14 Inch Oval Platter (c. 1919-?) Multi Color Bird or Pheasant Decor

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From what we have researched, this platter was made by the Onondaga Pottery Company from 1919 to at least into the 1920's. Onondaga Pottery Company called a particular type of china they produced Syracuse China (the pottery was located in Syracuse, New York) until they changed the name to Syracuse China Company in 1966. In 1970, Onondaga/now Syracuse China ceased making household dinnerware and focused solely on commercial ware production.

This beautiful platter is called Somerset and it features a multi-colored bird or pheasant perched on a flowering tree branch. The border has a garland of multi-colored flowers on top of a light gray and white design. There is then a gold band around the edge of the platter.

The reason we believe that this platter was made around the 1920's is because there is a copyright date of 1919 on the back and because we found multiple vintage ads online that were dated from 1922. We've included photos of these vintage ads, one is from Crockery & Glass Journal dated December 1922 and the other is from Good Housekeeping dated May 1922. Which means that the platter could be almost 100 years old, but it's uncertain how long Onondaga produced this pattern.

We've included a close up of the backstamp so you can see the detail. There is no date code incised on the back.


The platter measures approximately 14 1/2 inches by 10 1/4 inches and is oval in shape.


 This platter is in great condition. There's some wear on the gold band. There's also a couple of very small flaws on the front, but they aren't very noticeable. There are no chips, cracks or crazing that we can find.