Vintage Royal Biscuit Bubble Lights (c. 1947-1955)

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Brighten up the holidays with these vintage Christmas bubble light bulb. These are Royal Biscuit bubble lights and were manufactured between 1947-1955.  The top of the plastic is slightly concave. These light bulbs are smaller than the regular bubble lights and have a miniature base. There are crystals inside the glass that are chemicals used for activation. We aren't sure of the voltage of these as there isn't a lot of information available regarding these lights.

We are offering an assortment of liquid colors for you to choose from.


Each bubble light is approximately 4 1/2 -5 inches long.


These bubble lights are in used vintage condition. We were able to test them to see if the light came on, however we were unable to determine if they bubble. If they don't bubble for you sometimes a light tap on the glass gets them started.

There are some 'scuff' marks on some of the plastic biscuits from previous use and storage.