Vintage Folk Art Primer Paperback Book by Edna Snyder & JoSonja Jansen (c. 1976)

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Here is a great vintage paperback book to get you started with folk art painting! This is Folk Art Primer by Edna Snyder & JoSonja Jansen. It was published in 1976 and there are 81 pages which includes the inside of the front and back covers.

Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Brush Care, Mixing Colors, Basic Strokes, Loading the Brush, Preparation of a Painted Background - Wood, Transferring a Design to Your Object. Lesson 2: Penn Dutch Design. Lesson 3: Lady Bugs & Peasant Faces, Preparing Old Tin or Metal for Painting, Preparing New or "Good Condition" Tin or Metal for Painting. Lesson 4: Rooster Design. Lesson 5: Mushrooms. Lesson 6: Daisies & Leaves. Lesson 7: More Stroke Work. Lesson 8: Antiquing. Lesson 9: Owls. Lesson 10: Mice & Cheese Board. Lesson 11: Strawberries, Leaves, and  Blossoms. Lesson 12: Flat Brush Strokes, Red Apples. Lesson 13: Branch & Brush Blended Leaves. Lesson 14: Pears. Color Illustrations. Lesson 15: Peaches & Basic Stroke Fruit Leaves. Lesson 16: Green Grapes. Lesson 17: Purple Grapes, Grape Leaf, Peasant Grapes. Lesson 18: Beginning Rose. Lesson 19 & 20: "Biddie". Lesson 21: Carrots & Green Onions. Lesson 22: Chilies. Lesson 23: Preparing Old Wood & Spanish Onions. Lesson 24: Corn. Lesson 25: Mums. Lesson 26: Queen Anne's Lace, Lilacs, Dandelions. Lesson 27: Peasant Faces. Lesson 28: Citrus Fruit; Lemon, Lime, Orange. Lesson 29: Wooden Bucket or Barrel. Lesson 30: Rosemaling. Additional Motif Suggestions.

As you can see, this book if full of how to's and ideas.


 The paperback book measures approximately 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches.


The book is in gently used vintage condition. There is some wear around the edges. The pages are clean and the two metal staples in the binding are holding all the pages in place.