Vintage Fenton Art Glass Silver Crest Petticoat Glass Bowl (c. 1980's) Double Ruffled or Double Crimped Glass, Collectible Glass

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The Fenton Art Glass company introduced their Silver Crest or Petticoat Glass line in the 1950's and it proved to be very popular. This vintage Silver Crest shallow bowl was reproduced in the 1980's. The Fenton mark is embossed on the bottom which consists of the name Fenton inside of an oval. Under the name is the number '8', which Fenton started to use to denote the decade the glass piece was made, because like this beautiful bowl, Fenton would bring back popular pieces from the past.

This bowl is double crimped or double ruffled, meaning it was crimped twice, first with the smaller crimp and then a larger crimp. The clear glass edging would have been applied by hand by one of the Fenton glass artisans.

Measurements: The bowl measures approximately 7 3/4 inches across and the base is approximately 4 1/2 inches in diameter.

Condition: The bowl is in excellent vintage condition, there are no chips or cracks.