Vintage Castle Films News Parade 16mm Film and Reel (c. 1956) Vintage News, Vintage 16mm Movie, Mid Century News, Movie Night, Collectible

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How cool is this bit of vintage history?! This is a Castle Films News Parade 16mm movie. According to what's printed on the box, it's a complete edition. The box also tells us that this was produced in 1956. The film was produced by United World Films, Inc. This was originally purchased at Marshall Field's & Company as the original price tag is still on one of the edges of the cover.

What you will be receiving is the original box, a gray plastic film reel and 16mm film.


The cover of the box is in rough shape, there are tears and wear all over. The bottom of the box is in a bit better condition. The plastic film reel is in very good vintage condition. The 16mm film appears to be in good vintage condition, however we can't be certain as we don't have a movie projector to play the movie on, nor can we be certain it's the proper News Parade. We do know it's a Castle Films because we could see the name on a couple of the first frames when we held the first bit of film up to the light.

Please see the photos for more details.