Hummel Angel With Flute Christmas Plate (c. 1972) Sister Berta Hummel Handpainted Angel

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This is a fantastic Hummel collector's plate. It is from 1972 and is part of the Collector Series portraying the authentic works of Sister Berta Hummel. The name of this plate is 'Angel with Flute'.

This plate was made in West Germany. There is also an article from the Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, Michigan regarding a visit of Rudi Friedrich, who was/is a master artists for Goebel. It appears that the article is from 1981. It was written by Bernice Mancewicz. The clipping is slightly yellowed from age, but in pretty good condition.

Perfect addition to a Hummel or Angel Collector. Or gift it to someone so they can start a new family tradition. What other great ideas can you come up with for this plate?


The plate measures approximately 7 3/4 inches in diameter. 


The plate is in excellent condition with only some minor wear on the back. The box is in very good condition, with usual wear on the edges from age. There is some sticker residue on the front of the box.