Hirschberg Schutz Antique White Lace (c.late 1990's), Style No. L1702, Delicate, Romantic Lace, Art, Sewing, Craft Projects, Quilt Trim

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Back in the mid-late 1990's, Mary lived elsewhere & close by a quilting fabric store. At the time, Mary bought a LOT of fabrics and some very nice lace made by Hirschberg Schutz. This is approximately 40 yards of Antique White (off white) lace. It is a little over 1/4 inch wide. Very delicate looking.

It's been stored in a plastic container since the time she purchased it all those years ago & has finally decided that she's probably never going to use it.

This Hirschberg Schutz Style no. L1702 - according to the sticker on the plastic holder. Mary is unsure what exactly the lace is made of, but it is clean because of the way it has been stored all these years.

This is for 36 INCHES/1 YARD OF LACE.