Fantasies & Flowers, Origami In Fabric For Quilters by Kumiko Sudo (c. 1999) Paperback Quilting Book, Japanese Quilting, Origami Patterns

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This is the paperback book titled Fantasies & Flowers, Origami in Fabric for Quilters by Kumiko Sudo. If you are looking for a new creative way of creating quilts, this book will give you plenty of ideas and patterns.

This was published in 1999 by The Quilt Digest Press.


(* Indicates assembly instructions for full quilts.)
Ikebana: An Art to Purify the Mind and Heart
How to Use This Book
Blocks and Quilts
*Wild Begonia
-Zinnia Elegans
*Bleeding Heart
-Coral Tree
-Weeping Cherry
-Winter Daphne
-Crown Imperial
*Snow Pea
-Apple Tree
-Crepe Myrtle
-Evening Primrose
Lesson Plans

There are 135 pages in this book.


This is a like new paperback book. There is minimal wear around the edges. The pages are clean and intact and the binding tight.