Eighteen Antique Stereograph or Stereoview Cards Strohmeyer & Wyman, Publishers That Tells a Story of Love and Marriage (c. 1897)

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This is an eighteen stereograph or stereoview card set that was produced by Strohmeyer & Wyman, Publishers located in New York, New York. It was sold only by Underwood & Underwood. Apparently Underwood & Underwood were possibly located in New York, London, Toronto, Canada and Ottawa, Kansas.

This set tells the story of a man and woman who meet, court and get married. Each card is numbered and has a caption.

1. Predilected - Pierced by Cupid's Dart.

2. Expected - Married Life as he pictured it (Music without Words).

3. Unexpected - How Biddy served the tomatoes undressed.

4. Detected - "I've caught Sister this time."

5. Invected - "Don't you dare tell Father!"

6. Suspected - "One little hour of Bliss."

7. Ejected - Bliss Disturbed at 1:50 A.M.

8. Inspected - The Haunted Lover's Proposal.

9. Connected - The Nuptial Ceremony.

10. Protected - Alone at last.

11. Projected - "The last in bed blows out the light."

12. Elected - "Ha! ha! ha! Last again!"

13. Prospected - Visions of the Future.

14. As Directed - "After a Man's Married his troubles begin."

15. Subjected - A Knight of Labor.

16. Deflected - Home from the Club he fears the Storm.

17. Dissected - "For heaven's sake, Lucy, give us a rest."

18. Dejected - Married Life as he found it (Words without Music).

Each card is copyrighted 1897. On the back of each card is caption in English and five other languages.


Each card is approximately 7 inches by 3 1/2 inches.


The cards are yellowed from age, some more than others. Each card is slightly curved. There is minimal wear on each one around the edges and on the photos themselves. Overall, in very good to good condition for their age.

Please see all the photos and video for more detail.


A story of romance and marriage with stereoview cards, the 1890's way.

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