Crocheting In Plain English Paperback Book by Maggie Righetti (c. 2008) Second Edition

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Here is a book for anyone who wanted to learn how to crochet. It is filled with easy to understand directions, explaining such things as gauge, hook sizes, etc. This is the paperback book, Crocheting In Plain English by Maggie Righetti. From the front cover: Easy-to-follow lessons and patterns, sensible solutions to nagging problems, the only book any crochetier will ever need.

This is a second edition and it was published in December 2008. There are 268 pages.


Introduction: A Crochet Teacher Tells All

Part One, Before You Begin to Crochet
A Living History
Dreams Are the Stuff That Reality Is Made of
Of Spiderwebs and Halyard Lines
Hooks Can Harpoon You
Don't Be Gouged by Gauge
Patterns and Instructions
Supply and Demand

Part Two, Details, Details, Details
Making Music with Your Hands
The Chain Stitch
The First Real Stitch
Making It Softer and Longer
And Longer
And Longer Still
The Slip Stitch
Adding New Yarn
Your Cup Runneth Over
Gathering in the Flock
Fishing with Your Hook in Other Waters
Improvise and Invent
Fancy That!
Making Medallions and Motifs
Lavishing Laces on Linens
Precious Little Jewels to Add
Multicolor Jacquard Crochet

Part Three, After the Last Stitch Is Finished
Putting It All Together
Finishing Touches
The Care and Feeding of Crocheted Articles

Part Four, Learning Lessons
Sampler Scarf
The Easiest Sweater
Additional Projects

Maggie's Premise in Writing This Book
Common Symbols


The book measures approximately 9 1/4 inches by 7 1/2 inches.


This book is in like new condition, with minimal wear on the covers. The pages are clean and intact. The binding is tight.