Charming and Adorable Angel Candlestick Holder (c.1950's-1960's), Vintage Angel Holiday, Small Taper Holder, Angel In Red, Holiday Gift Idea

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The adorableness is strong with this one. What a perfect vintage candlestick holder to add to your collection or to gift someone special. This vintage candlestick, by our best estimate c. 1950's-1960's. There are no markings to indicate what company made this cute angel candle holder, it could have been made in Japan or the US, but time has worn away whatever label happened to be on this piece.

It appears to be hand painted and measures approximately 5 inches long. The base is only about 2 3/4 inches long and it stands around 3 inches tall. The taper candle hole is about 1/2 inch in diameter so you would need a smaller taper for this piece.

Condition: This wonderful holiday piece has very minimal wear considering how old it is. There aren't any chips, cracks or crazing that we could find.

Perfect gift idea for someone who loves vintage items or get it for yourself because it brings back fond memories.