Antique Cabinet Card Photograph of a Distinguish Young Woman, Johnini Billey (c. 1880's)

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We always wonder who these people are and what they did when we come across these antique cabinet cards. This distinguished young woman is no different. Maybe given the manner of her clothes, the pocket watch and chain she is wearing, she was one of the first woman in her family that graduated from college. 

On the back of the card is a name which we think is Johnini Billey, which we weren't able to track down. She probably resided in Michigan since some of the other cabinet cards in the album are from a photographer's studio in Lowell.


The cabinet card measures approximately 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches.


The card has some tanning and some minor wear around the edges. There is some minor wear on the photograph which can be seen if held at an angle in the light. The name Johnini Billey is written in cursive on the back.