Antique Cabinet Card of Young Toddler Boy Walter Huggins, 1 Year Old, St. Louis, Missouri (c. 1880's)

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This is an antique cabinet card of a toddler name Walter Huggins from the St. Louis, Missouri area. Walter is dressed in a light color dress, standing next to an ornate white chair. The photograph was taken by S. Smith, 1115 Franklin Ave., St. Louis, Missouri.

On the back of the card written in pencil is Walter Huggins (1-year).

You will be sent this cabinet card in an archival clear envelope.


Approximately 6 1/2" high by 4 1/4" wide.


There is wear around the edges and especially on the corners. There is a small tear on the upper left hand side of the photograph that is on the border. There is the usual wear on the back due to age. There is a crease on the back, upper 1/2 of the cabinet card.