Pfaltzgraff Garden Party Creamer (Pre-1998) Violets, Spring Time Violets, Unique Flower Vase, Office Organizer, Gift Ideas, Collectible

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This Pfaltzgraff pattern was created in 1991 and remains in production to this day. However, it appears that the Pfaltzgraff company no longer sells this particular creamer.

This creamer stands approximately 4 inches tall and the base is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. There are no chips, cracks or crazing on this piece, it is in beautiful condition. There is some wear to the bottom of the creamer from use. The violets and greenery under the glaze is still in excellent condition. The bottom is embossed with the Pfaltzgraff name and mark, but it is difficult to read. It is also stamped ©Pfaltzgraff under the embossed part.

This would be a perfect piece to give to someone to help complete their pattern or to buy so that you can put spring violets in it come the spring. Or simply use it for your creamer.