Beautiful Vintage Stainless Steel Solingen Germany Carving Set With Intricate Engravings and Antler Handles

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This is an amazing stainless steel carving set from Solingen Germany, a place known for fine quality knives. This set is possibly from Anton Wingen based on our research however, there is no company/person's name engraved on this set.

What you will be receiving is a four piece carving set, still in the original box. There is a meat fork, a knife sharpener, a carving knife and a meat cleaver. The carving knife and the meat cleaver.

The meat fork has the word Rostfrei engraved just below the tines. Rostfrei means rust free in German. The handle looks to be a part of an antler and inset in the handle is a carving of a wolf, which is off white in color.

The knife sharpener has Solingen-Germany engraved on the lower part of the sharpener. The handle has an inset of a hare or rabbit.

The carving knife is intricately engraved with foliage, two stags and a pair of pheasant like birds. Below the that engraving is engraved Stainless-Forged, Germany-Solingen. Inset in the handle is a running stag.

The meat cleaver has the same intricate engraving as the carving knife, only larger. Engraved on the lower right of the cleaver is Stainless-Forged, Germany-Solingen. Inset in the handle is a boar.

Please see the photos for more detail.


Meat Fork - 11 inches long

Knife Sharpener - just under 13 1/2 inches long

Knife - 12 3/4 inches long

Meat Cleaver - 11 inches long


This beautiful set is in very good vintage condition. Some slight surface scratches on the knife, however this set looks hardly used. The knife probably could be sharpened.

The box is in ok vintage condition as can be seen in the photos, some of the green paper is missing on the outside. The green fabric on the inside is in pretty good condition, though there are signs of wear from where the utensils have been sitting.