Antique Adamantine W.P.C. Semi Porcelain Silver Floral with Gold Accents Square Bowl Dish (c. 1888-1893) Wheeling & La Belle Pottery

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We are so happy to offer this antique Adamantine semi porcelain square shaped bowl with delicate floral design. From our research we have found that these were made at La Belle, which was a division or part of Wheeling Pottery and were made sometime between 1888-1893.

This is a small square shaped bowl, possibly a vegetable bowl. The floral design is silver in color and very delicate. Each piece is decorated with gold trim on the edges and handles.

The the bottom of the bowl has the Adamantine mark of a curved Adamantine, W.P.C. China inside a circle. W.P.C. stands for Wheeling Pottery Company.


Approximately 7 1/4 inches across, about 9 inches on the diagonal and about 2 1/2 inches tall.


Wear along the edges on the gold trim. Faint stain in the middle of the bottom of the bowl. Some crazing throughout the piece, concentrated mostly on the bottom of the bowl. Usual wear on the base from age and use. No other chips or cracks that we can find, other than the crazing.

This is a hard to find piece in this condition and would make a beautiful statement to your collection.