Vintage Romulus and Remus With She-Wolf Decorative Fork (c. pre-1998) Made In Italy, Brass? Engraved Fork, Italian Souvenir, Repurpose

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This is a decorative fork that depicts Romulus and Remus (twin brothers of Roman myth) suckling on a she-wolf. The fork is heavily engraved and has a stamp on the back. The stamp is faint and hard to read and the only word we could make out is Italy. We aren't sure when this was made, but we are pretty sure it was before 1998.

We think this fork is made of brass and a magnet doesn't stick to it.


The fork measure about 7 1/4 inches in length.


 As you can see in the photos there is some tarnish on the prongs of the fork, there is also some tarnish on the back. It is in overall good vintage condition.

Please see all the photos for a closer look.