Vintage Plaster Black & White Cocker Spaniel Bookend (c. 1950's?)

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While this vintage Cocker Spaniel bookend isn't perfect, we couldn't help ourselves and brought him home. This we believe is made of plaster or ceramic and is painted. He has black flowing ears, a grayish muzzle and is off white on the top of his head. This bookend is filled with sand for weight. There are stamped instructions on the bottom for filling the hole with sand and covering with tape. There is also a mold stamp of S289. We think this might have been made in the 1950's but with no company name, it's hard to tell.


This bookend stands approximately 5 inches tall. The base is approximately 3 inches by 2 1/2 inches. 


There are spots where the paint has worn off, especially on one of the ears. There is some crazing present, most noticeable on the muzzle area and beneath the mouth.

A great addition to your dog or Cocker Spaniel collection!