Vintage Handmade Christmas Bell Hanging Ornaments, 4 Red Bells with Bells, Plastic Canvas, Red Sparkle Thread, Gift Idea, Nostalgia

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We are offering these wonderful vintage handmade hanging Christmas Bells ornaments. You will be receiving 4 of them, each made with care and each have a little bell attached as the clapper part of the bell itself and each one works.

These were made with plastic canvas and a thicker red sparkly cord. Each has the same red sparkly cord for hanging from your Christmas tree or maybe from a door handle or wreath. These cord hangers vary in length as you can see from the photos and each is knotted at the top.

Measurement: Each bell measures approximately 4 inches long which includes the metal bell at the bottom, but doesn't include the cord used for hanging them.

Condition: These are in excellent vintage condition. It's unknown exactly how old these are due to the way we found them and they have no identifying marks/names attached. We just know that when we saw them we couldn't pass them up.