Vintage Goldberg Brothers Relflex Brown Metal 10 1/2 inch Movie Film Reel With Brownie Bear Cartoon (c. 1940's) Complete with Sound

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Do you like vintage movies, especially vintage cartoons from a day gone by? From what we were able to find out, the movie on this vintage metal film reel is 'A Brownie Bear Cartoon'. Brownie Bear cartoons were released by Official Films in the early 1940's. Brownie Bear use to be called Cubby Bear before Official Films purchased the Keystone Chaplin library which included Van Beuren cartoons.

This movie cartoon does include sound and is a 16 mm film. We do not however know which Brownie Bear cartoon this is.

On one side it is stamped with Relflex, Made In U.S.A., GB inside an octagon, Denver, COLO., Pat. D-122017. 

From what we could find out, Jacob M. Goldberg was the inventor of this Relflex film reel. He applied for the patent on May 10, 1040 and received the patent on August 20, 1940. The Goldberg Brothers company was located in Denver, Colorado.


The brown metal film reel is approximately 10 1/1 inches in diameter. 


The metal reel has wear on both sides and is in overall very good vintage condition. The movie/film appears to be in good vintage condition, however, we do not own a 16mm movie projector and can not say for certain if the movie and sound would play well. We secured the end of the film with a small piece of blue painter's tape to keep the film from unraveling and getting damaged.