Vintage Friendship Pottery 64 oz Blue Stripe Pitcher, Roseville, Ohio (c. 1973-1980's) USA Made Pottery, Housewarming Gift, Summer Drinks

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Friendship Pottery was started in Roseville, Ohio in 1973 and became known for their quality pottery pieces for use in the home and kitchen. This is a single blue stripe on a cream colored 64 oz. pitcher. The bottom is embossed with a silhouette of a bowl with the initials FP, USA inside. Under that is embossed Roseville, Ohio. In a circle around that it states: Microwave, Dishwasher, Oven Proof.

It's unknown when exactly this line was discontinued, but probably sometime in the 1980's and certain pieces such as this 64 oz. pitcher are hard to find.

Measurements: The pitcher stands approximately 7 1/2 inches tall and the base is approximately 5 inches in diameter.

Condition: There is one flaw on the base of the pitcher that appears to have been made when the pitcher was created. There are no chips, cracks or crazing that we can find and it is in excellent vintage condition.