Vintage Franklin Mint Precision Models 1910 Cadillac Model Thirty 1:24 Scale

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This is a Franklin Mint Precision Models 1910 Cadillac Model Thirty. We are unsure of when exactly this was produced by the Franklin Mint. The car has been crafted in the 1:24 scale.

The roof of the car is made of a stretchy beige/tan fabric. The engine hood can be carefully lifted up. The rumble seat can be folded down and hidden away into the compartment. The steering wheel turns and so do the front wheels.

The car was made in China. It is made of metal and plastic parts, with the exclusion of the fabric roof.

The original Franklin Mint tag is still attached to the car. There is no paperwork or box included.


The car is approximately 7 inches in length and is almost 3 1/2 inches tall.


The car is in very good to excellent condition, with very little signs of wear.