Vintage Favorite Cats Stickers and Seals by John Green (c. 1990) and Cats Flipout Book (c. 1970)

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If you like cats this is for you! Both of these are vintage cat books/booklets. The first one is Favorite Cats Stickers and Seals by John Green. It was published by Dover in 1990. The book 4 full pages of full color cat stickers. The cover design is by Frank J. Moore.

The second is simply titled Cats. It is a flipout book with 20 different varieties of cats. The book was copyrighted in 1970 by Shelley Graphics (UK) Ltd. and was printed in Italy. The side of the 'pages' features a breed of cat and a short description. The illustrations are very good. On the back it lists more flipout books that were available and Educational Reading Services, Mahwah, New Jersey.


Favorite Cats cover measures approximately 11 inches by 8 1/4 inches.

The Cats flipout book measures approximately 5 1/4 inches by 3 inches.


Favorite Cats is in very good vintage condition the pages are held in place by 3 metal staples. The pages are clean and all the stickers are still on the pages. There is minimal wear around the edges from how this was stored previously.

The Cats flipout book is older and shows more wear around the edges, there is a very small tear on the bottom of the front cover. The illustrations are still in good condition.