Vintage Cross Stitch Booklet Classic 18th Century Sampler Book 10 by Graphique Needle Arts Ltd. The Lord's Prayer (c. 1981)

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This beautiful cross stitch pattern was designed with the 18th century sampler's in mind. This one features The Lord's Prayer. It was designed by Robin McGinn who's designs have appeared in American Home, House and Garden and other national needlecraft magazines. The booklet was produced in 1981 by Graphique Needle Arts Ltd.


Pages 1 & 2 Lord's Prayer, Pages 3 & 4 Wedding Sampler, Pages 5 & 6 Birth Sampler, Pages 7 & 8 Traditional Sampler

There are 8 pages, which includes the inside of the back cover.


The booklet measures approximately 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches.


There is an address label with the address marked out and a store label on the front cover. There is some minimal wear around the edges. The pages are clean and held securely in place with metal staples.

Please see the photos for more detail.