Vintage Big Sky Carvers Bear Foots "Mooses" Figurine (c. 2000)

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This adorable moose figurine was produced in 2000 by Big Sky Carvers. It features two moose sitting cozily together. This one is called "Mooses" and is from their Bear Foots product line.

There is a gold foil label on the underside of the base. It is oval in shape and outlined with small stars. The label states: Big Sky Carvers presents Bear Foots "Mooses". Moose to Amuse and Collect. Made in China, 2000.


This figurine is approximately 6 1/2 inches tall. The base is approximately 6 1/2 inches wide by approximately 5 inches.


There a couple of very small white spots on the left moose's legs and on it's nose. On the right moose there is a white line on one of his hooves, we included a photo of it. It's not a crack, it looks like it was scratched. Otherwise there are no chips or any other flaws that we could find.

Please see the photos for more details.