Scarce Vintage Philmore Manufacturing 20-in-1 Educational Electronic Kit (c. 1950's?) Cool Retro Science and Electronic Experiments

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Here's a very cool blast from the past educational electronic kit probably from the 1960's. It was produced by Philmore Manufacturing located in Richmond Hill, NY. It is a 20-in-1 electronic kit, using a solar cell. The kit was made in Japan.

What's included: The original box, Assembly Manual, a plastic circuit board and lots of parts.

According the the box, no soldering is required.

Contents (from the inside of the manual)
Complete Parts List for Projects from #1 to #20
Project #1 - Germanium Diode Radio
Project #2 - Germanium Diode Radio
Project #3 - 1-Transistor Radio
Project #4 - Germanium Diode 1-Transistor Radio
Project #5 - Germanium Diode 1-Transistor Radio
Project #6 - Grounded Base Detector 1-Transistor Radio
Project #7 - Grounded Collector Amplifier
Project #8 - Grounded Emitter Amplifier
Project #9 - Resistance Coupled 2-Transistor Radio
Project #10 - Germanium Detected 2-Transistor Radio
Project #11 - Transformer Coupled 2-Transistor Radio
Project #12 - Shortwave Radio
Project #13 - Radio Frequency Oscillator
Project #14 - Morse Code Practising (sic) Set
Project #15 - 2-Transistor Audio Frequency Oscillator
Project #16 - A2 Telegraph Transmitter
Project #17 - Wireless Microphone
Project #18 - 2-Transistor Intercom
Project #19 - 2-Transistor Audio Frequency Amplifier
Project #20 Signal Tracer
How To Use "Solar Cell"

There are 49 pages in the manual.

Condition: The box show wear and one corner of the top is torn, overall fair condition. The paper manual is slightly yellowed from age, covers have minor creasing and the back cover has a small tear along the edge. We aren't sure if all the parts are here, there are a couple of empty spaces where it looks like a diode or two would be. Overall condition of the parts look to be in very good vintage condition. Please see the photos for more details.

This would be a great gift for the science geek (said affectionately of course!) in your life.

The wood figurine in the first photo is not included.