Radiant Beauties Gift Wrap Paperback Book by Valori Wells (c. 2003) Quilting Wrapping Paper, Quilting Gift Wrap, 4 Patterns, 12 Gift Tags

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This is the very colorful and delightful Radiant Beauties gift wrap by Valori Wells. The gift wrap is presented in paperback book form. There are four different patterns of Valori's quilts which includes 12 sheets that open up to 19 inches by 30 inches each and 12 gift tags. This book of gift wrap was published in 2003 by C&T Publishing.

The gift wrap is adapted from the following quilts: Radiant Beauty, Sunday Morning, Fireworks in the Garden and Lazy Daisy.

Please see the photos for more details.

Condition: All 12 sheets and tags are still present. The paperback book is new and unused. There is some minor wear around the edges.