Quilts to Fit Beds Paperback Book (c. 1993) by Trudie Hughes

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Have you ever wanted to make a quilt for your bed, but just weren't sure how to or even where to start? Then you need this book by Trudie Hughes, Quilts To Fit Beds published in 1993.

In this book she talks about how to measure for each size bed: twin, full, queen and king size. She has complete instructions and tips and tricks for piecing quilting pieces together.

Bed Sizes
Quilt Fabrics
Slice and Dice
Piecing Tricks
Gallery of Quilts
Interlocking Squares - Full
Interlocking Squares - King
Variable Bears - Full/Queen
Variable Bears - King
Chained Melody - King
Tulips - Full
Tulips - Twin
Pinwheels - Full/Queen
Pinwheels - Twin
Got the Blues - Queen
Stardust - King
Starlite - King

If you are a quilter and are looking for a unique wedding gift for that couple you know, this would be the perfect book for you to get started with. So pull out that fabric and let's get those creative juices flowing.


This is a brand new paperback book. The only condition issue is the back bottom corner was creased as where a few of the back pages, this doesn't affect being able to use the book.