Black and Cream Square Patterned Fabric, Heavier Cotton or Cotton Blend, Yardage by 58 inches

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We aren't sure when this fabric was made as it isn't marked. It's a very handsome black and cream colored checkered or square pattern fabric. When the colors meet, there are subtle shades of tan and gray also. The fabric also has some texture to it and even smaller patterns within each square.

There is only one issue with this fabric and you can see it in the 4th photo. There is writing on the back of the fabric, and it didn't bleed through the front when it was written there. We don't know if the mark is made with a marker or ? and don't know if it will come out in the wash.

We believe this to be cotton or a cotton blend. It's a heavier material and could be used to upholster some seat covers or make pillows. You could even make a skirt out of this and wear it in the cold months. Get those creative juices flowing and think of all the possibilities!


The fabric is 58 inches wide. You are purchasing this by the yard.