Vintage Clear Ribbed Glass Jar with Original Aluminum Shaker Lid (c. 1930's?) Depression Era Glass, Kitchen Storage and Decor, Country Decor

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We believe that this that this adorable lidded jar was made in the 1930's or even earlier and we would love to know it's history. It's made of clear glass and was probably blown into a glass mold as there is a polished pontil on the bottom. The glass is ribbed all the way around, except for a rectangle area (1 1/2"x 1") on the upper part of the jar. There is also a single small band that goes all the way around the jar about 1/2 way up. The lid is made of aluminum (a magnet doesn't stick to it) was meant to be used as a shaker for whatever was stored in it, such as salt.

Measurements: The jar, with the lid on stands approximately 4 1/4 inches and the base is almost 2 inches in diameter.

Condition: The glass jar is in very good vintage condition, no chips or cracks. The aluminum shaker top was clearly used and is dented and has discoloration, but still screws onto the top of the glass jar. Of course, we think that it not being perfect gives it a lot of personality.