2 Vintage John Denver Concert Programs, 1 Ticket Stub 1977 & 1980

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Calling all John Denver fans! We have to vintage John Denver Concert programs and a ticket stub from one of his concerts. The first concert program is from 1977, the one with him playing his guitar on the front cover. It is copyrighted 1977 by Cherry Lane Music Co. On the back cover he is giving the thumbs up. The second concert program is from 1980, copyrighted by John/Jer Productions Inc. This program says John Denver across the top and has a photo of his face. On the back is once again his name across the top and a photo of a river with a high rock wall.

The ticket stub is from 1980 and is from Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The ticket only cost $10.25 at the time! It is a partial ticket stub.


The programs measure approximately 14 inches by 10 inches.


The two programs are in very good vintage condition. There is some wear around the edges and corners. The ticket stub is a partial stub and is in very good vintage condition.

Please see the photos for more details.